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Speaker, Marketing Mentor, Mum and Mental Health Awareness Ambassador…

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I have 3 stories I would love to share with you…

A dream seemed difficult!…

Being an entrepreneur comes with unique challenges, it is fun, exciting, and scary all rolled into one. I love sharing the highs and lows of my journey in order to help others…


I love sharing my story to help and inspire others, If you would like to have a chat please..


Being Happy in Business

There was a super successful business lady. She was curious, clever and a little bit quirky… she believed in beauty and brains, in creativity and cupcakes and in making a profit whilst following her passion… and searching for the perfect pink lipstick.
She was a bombshell and a #womaninbiz with soaring profits chart, a lust for life, an obsession with stationery and love of all things marketing, design and communication.
But something wasn’t quite right… A high-flying career in hospitality left her feeling flat. So she threw her energy into building a super successful 7-figure ecommerce business instead!

She had made it!

Except that she hadn’t (dramatic pause…)

In a fateful peek at the flipside of being an entrepreneur, life threw her a huge curveball and her dream business came crashing down around her. 

She felt like wrapping herself up in a blanket and hiding out with a stash of dairy milk and a Netflix subscription, but with a family to support that wasn’t an option.  

So she got busy in her home office, using her experience to create super successful social media strategies and training for women who wanted to be seen and heard. Her new business, helped hundreds of women to increase their visibility and transform their budding businesses into mighty online oak trees!  All this while working on how to live your life to the fullest, finding your inner happy without getting bogged down and overwhelmed with all the hats you have to wear!


“Wow – Naomi is incredible.  She captivates the room.  Her story is truly inspirational and the way she shares her experience will hopefully make the much needed change we need in this world.”  

“Naomi is a natural in front on the camera.  She is super knowledgable and can answer questions off the cuff with ease.  She is a delight to work with”

“Naomi it was lovely to meet you.  I was really struck by your amazing attitude to life and fantastic outlook”  Hazel Morgan – BBC 

I am a survivor of bereavement by suicide

In 2016 I tragically lost my younger brother Nick to suicide, until that day I never realised the staggering statistics around suicide and in particular male suicide.  I am passionate about helping other survivors to come to terms with the complex grief that suicide brings but also want to help prevent suicide by supporting families and friends to support their loved ones who suffer with mental health issues and feel suicidal. 

I believe that if I can share my story and help just 1 person that thats is me making a difference.  I want to help break down the stigmas that still surrounds mental health and suicide. 

It’s time to start talking and make change in our world!

Online and Website Super Success!

I want your audience to be happy

I want your help your audience to GROW

I want to help your audience to shine from the inside out!


From £0 to 1 million!..


I love sharing my experience and knowledge of the digital marketing space to help people grow their own successful online presence.

I believe your website is the heart centre of your business online and help small business owners with simple and fun strategies.

This is about creating an online business that not only services but one that really thrives!

I share valuable insights that you can implement straight into your business to really create an impact in the world.

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